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Smart Systems
Home Automation

Home automation is the integration of electrical and electronic systems to make your home more comfortable, secure, valuable and fun. By bringing together one or more systems we can enhance your lifestyle and make life easier.

S M A R T  W I R I N G

Smart Systems - Home AutomationOften referred to as a "Smart House" or "Smart Wiring" home automation can be as simple as a structured cabling system to run your telephone, television and internet, or a house that functions totally by itself. From a security system to a fully integrated home that opens your gates, turns on your lights, turns off your alarm, opens your garage door and plays your favourite music - all from the press of a button before you even enter your home.

Conventional cabling in homes has changed little in the past 50 years while technology has advanced at an amazing speed. In the past cabling was installed specifically for the exact needs of the time with no allowance for the future. When we think of all the changes we have seen in home entertainment, computers, internet and communications it is easy to see why we need to cable our homes with the technologies of today and the future. "Smart Wiring" will move your home into the future.

"Smart Home" cabling is increasingly becoming essential to the home buyers list. You can add value, save money and avoid problems by prewiring in the construction phase. “Smart Wiring” will add real value to your home, not only for your use and convenience but in terms of its resale value. Imagine the difficulty you may have selling your home in ten years time if it’s cabling is outdated.

Smart Systems - Home Automation Smart Systems has a solution for every home, from future proofing pre-wiring, to fully finished installations that make your home more secure, more comfortable, more valuable and more fun.

D E S I G N  A N D  Q U O T E

Smart Systems offers a complete design and installation service. You can choose from any one of our many cost-effective systems and packages, or we can custom design a system specifically for your home and budget. You can even choose to pre-wire now and add to your system as your budget and needs allow.

A visit to our showroom with your house plans can best explain how Home Automation with "Smart Wiring" can work for you. Call us for an appointment or just drop in. A good showroom is worth more than all the brochures under the sun.